November 26, 2010

Phonecasting Alternative to ?

During the summer I finally found what I thought was an ideal solution for instructors to easily record lectures or other audio information AND allow students in their classes to do the same. For details read this post: Unfortunately will be discontinued by December 15 as a result of its purchase by Facebook. All free (and paid) accounts and data will be deleted by that date. I am searching for an alternative such as those listed in this post but none seem close to what can provide.

Do you have suggestions for a service that provides features reasonably close to what provided?

Requirements (or reasonably close)
  • Phone record directly to your account space using a unique phone number. Therefore you (and-or your students) could use any phone - landline or mobile to make the call-in.
  • Reasonable storage to allow allow a semester's worth of podcasts (100MB provides 400 minutes of recording) and presumably a price model for larger space requirements.
  • Administrator control that controls access to the podcast site
  • Guest password for students so they can create their own phonecasts
  • Option to subscribe to RSS feeds including iTunes
  • Pre-recorded lectures in mp3 or aac audio files that can be uploaded separately as part of the podcast
  • Mobile app is preferred
  • Guarantee that the service will not be purchased and discontinued by a billion dollar bully ;)


  1. did u ever get a response here? i need the same thing! sesight

  2. Sorry that I missed your comment. I have not found a full replacement for (and there many never be an equivalent) but am looking at a suite of alternatives such as Google Voice, Audioboo, and Cinchast. Will writing a blog on this by next month if not earlier.


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